Let’s be honest, previous attempt at an OP-Z plugin thingy was a failure, Main drawbacks being the boot times, all the bugs and overhead that come with running Linux & jack & supercollider on such a small machine. You just don’t need Linux if you want to run a medium complexity synth. But most importantly it kinda failed at being fun.

Teesny 3.6 and teensy audio board

With teensy 3.6 & teensy audio board, the boot times are around a second or less, it’s faster than the OP-Z! The CPU usage is less on teensy than on Raspberry Pi Zero for the same building blocks (oscilators and other effects). Teensy audio library is a really great tool, synths that can rival the OP-Z’s built-in ones can be easily built using the basic building blocks.

The first iteration it’s a simple hackable synth, maybe also a sampler in the future. A small semi-modular portable plugin like this one could be a bit more fun but that’s for the next time.

Full code here.